Provide a smooth and fast video playback experience to your
content viewers with VIDIZMO's rich HTML5 video player

Introducing Annotations and
In-Video Comments

Annotate your videos and leave in-video comments
at specific areas of the video frames

Enhancing video interactivity by
seeking frame by frame

Increase your viewer interactivity with the player by navigating
to specific points in video, seeking frame by frame

Deliver a Smooth Live and On-Demand Experience

Stream live and on-demand content to your viewers with the fastest and smoothest playback experience with VIDIZMO HTML5 Player, where the player provides a variety of options such as settings to set the stream quality and speed, choose captions for the video from the available subtitle tracks, view your video in theatre or full-screen mode, bookmark your favorite videos and much more.

Engage Your Users with Different Interactive Player Options

With VIDIZMO HTML5 Player, enable/disable different user interactivity options to increase user’s engagement with content. These options can include editable transcripts, multi-audio tracks, multilingual captions, seeking frame by frame, better navigation through video chaptering or timeframes, call-to-action, 360-degree video support, casting to Google Chromecast and much more. Furthermore, you can annotate video and leave in-video comments at specific coordinates of the video frames.

Increase Viewer Outreach with Enhanced Player Compatibility

Reach a vast audience across different browsers and devices with VIDIZMO player, which provides native support for HLS and DASH streaming protocols, allowing you to stream to viewers in varying bandwidth conditions. The player is available in multiple languages and is 508 compliant, allowing greater audience outreach and accessibility. Moreover, the player logs different events that occur when viewers interact with the player, providing insights into user engagement analytics.

Restrict Content Access and Playback Using Our Secure Player

Provide secure access, delivery and playback of your content by enabling industry-standard Digital Rights Management (DRM) support in your player. This will enable the player to play content for only authorized viewers and the content availability would be set as specified in their DRM license.

Boost Your Market with Seamless Player-Ad Server Integrations

You can now monetize your content and increase your organization’s ad revenue by streaming pre, mid and post-roll advertisements to your viewers as VIDIZMO Player seamlessly integrates with industry-leading ad servers to deliver a smooth viewer experience to your viewers without any hassle of delays and buffering.

Brand and Customize Your Player By Defining Player Templates 

Customize and enhance your viewing experience with VIDIZMO player by using rich APIs, HTML widgets and detailed documentation and integrate a vast library of plugins as required. The player’s look and feel can be white labeled and branded by changing the player’s skins and the player options can be enabled/disabled by creating, defining and applying custom templates on your media assets according to your organizational needs.

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