Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions answer most common questions asked before or during purchase decision making by customers.

VIDIZMO is an Enterprise Video Content Management System (EVCMS) and platform that allows customers to ingest, store, distribute and analyze live and on-demand video, and other digital media assets to both internal and external targeted audiences with security and reliability. VIDIZMO platform is highly flexible and works with all devices, different tools, and platforms that may already be in use, and provides solutions for corporate communication, training, marketing, asset management and digital evidence management.

You can request a Free Trial or a demo of VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube, Media Tube, Media Commerce, and Virtual Academy by Contacting Us or send us an email at

Free 30-day Trials include fully functional EnterpriseTube, MediaTube, and Virtual Academy on the cloud with 100 Registered Viewers /10 Active Viewers, 1 Admin / 1 Manager,  20 GB Bandwidth, 5 GB Storage & 1GB Encoding.
Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Free Trial

Paid Pilot Programs are available for EnterpriseTube, MediaTube, MediaCommerce, and Virtual Academy with professional services, customization, and testing within your local environment. Contact Us or send us an email at to start a Paid Pilot Program with your requirements.

It depends on – VIDIZMO Add-Ons may require manual steps to install software in customer environments, therefore are offered as a part of paid Pilot Program.

Requests to increase the Free Trial period are decided on an individual basis. Please contact us to submit a request to extend Free Trial.

No. Any latest HTML5 browser can be used to upload and playback videos and other digital media assets. In case your computer or device browser version is old and does not support HTML5, you may need Flash plugin installed to playback video content or any SCORM content that utilizes interactive flash or videos. However, most modern authoring tools have the ability to export HTML5 SCORM Content and will not require any browser plug-in to playback on modern browsers. In a non-HTML5 compliant browser, content playback fall back to Flash or Silverlight plug-in to playback video.
Please check VIDIZMO Service Specification page for details

To delete your VIDIZMO Free Trial, please click here or send us a request to with your request, please state the reason for closing your account

VIDIZMO team is available to provide support to its customers in several ways:

  • Online Help Center: A self-service knowledge base that gets you started with VIDIZMO service, how-to articles, troubleshooting issues, a list of FAQs, developer documentation,
  • Live Chat: VIDIZMO live help chat available 24/7 to serve VIDIZMO’s clients and visitors
  • Email Support: You can send your queries at
  • Phone Support: Phone support is available for premium customers. Please contact your VIDIZMO sales representative for further details

Also, you can get the latest update about VIDIZMO through:

The VIDIZMO Blog: VIDIZMO Blog provides you the insider’s view on how to get the most out of VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO Groups: Join our VIDIZMO Groups on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

As an Administrator and Manager:

To author content, you should have experience creating PowerPoint presentations or use tools like Movie Maker, iMovie, etc. Ability to record video using a simple camera, video upload and video editing capabilities are certainly a plus.

As a Moderator:

Skills as stated for viewers also with the ability to decipher and manage abusive or unrelated media uploaded by user generated content (USG).

As a Viewer:

Basic computer skills such as ability to log in and launch browser are required to view VIDIZMO presentationsrequirements.

Check out VIDIZMO Service Specification for complete list of system requirements

VIDIZMO products support a range of input file formats, please visit VIDIZMO’s Service Specification for a complete list of supported formats.

All uploaded videos are encoded into multiple pre-configured formats and resolutions to allow playback on various devices, browsers, and bandwidths.

A Typical 1080p uploaded video will be encoded into 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p in MPEG4, HLS, WebM and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats to ensure playback on all devices, browsers, and bandwidth conditions

All uploaded videos, irrespective of the uploaded format, are encoded into multiple pre-configured formats and resolutions to allow playback on various devices, browsers, and bandwidths.

Any latest device supporting HTML5 browser can be used to upload and playback video. However, any rich media created using Silverlight or Flash will require an appropriate browser plug-in to playback.

In a non-HTML5 compliant browser, content playback falls back to Flash or Silverlight plug-in to playback video.

Please check VIDIZMO Service Specification page for further details.

Yes, video playback is seamless on mobile devices using your device’s original browser with HTML5 and Flash

Mobile compliant Rich Media Content can playback on mobile devices.

The content will keep playing. Any overages for active users, storage, bandwidth and encoding will be billed according to your plan. Please contact us for volume discounts.

If VIDIZMO is hosted on the cloud, the latest updates and patches will be automatically updated.

If VIDIZMO is hosted in a hybrid or on-premises model, then updates will be made available as per the service agreement between VIDIZMO and your organization.

512 KBPS is minimum recommended bandwidth to view live streaming.

Yes – VIDIZMO CDN Connector addresses network congestion and bandwidth issues faced by your internal (behind a firewall) and external (internet) viewers in various scenarios.

If you plan to install VIDIZMO On-Premises and would like to stream content on the public network, you will need a CDN Connector to provide smooth viewing experience to your viewers.

In another scenario, you may be using VIDIZMO Cloud or VIDIZMO Hybrid with a large number of VIDIZMO users situated within a couple of buildings causing network congestion issues. CDN Connector will cache Cloud content at each location, and all subsequent requests will be served locally. This will save enormous bandwidth costs while providing smooth viewing experience to viewers inside these buildings

  1. Any user registered in your VIDIZMO account with “Active Status” within a given billing month is considered as a VIDIZMO user and consumes a user license.

User roles and activation/deactivation can be managed using user management console within your VIDIZMO Account.

Active User is a unique role for VIDIZMO products during a billing month. There are five (5) possible roles for each active user:

  1. Administrator
    • Administrators are responsible for managing Account and Channel settings such as Branding, User Management and can also create new Channels. They can upload and manage content in Account, however they do not have rights to upload and management content in a Channel. To manage content in a Channel, they must be added as Managers in the respective Channel to be managed by them
  2. Manager
    • Managers are Channel owners and have complete control over their Channel including uploading, managing content in a channel, creating or scheduling a live or on-demand presentation, embedding and viewing analytics of media, and user management
  3. Moderator
    • Moderators help Managers managing content in a Moderators can upload, publish and moderate content. Moderator cannot change Channel Settings or invite new Users to join a Channel
  4. Contributor
    • Contributors can only submit content, also known as User Generated Content which is approved and published by Managers and Moderators. The Manager or Moderator of that channel can also edit or delete the content before publishing
  5. Viewer
    • Viewer can view Published Content

Anonymous Users do not require any sign in and therefore do not consume license. However, they can view content published with anonymous viewing rights and consume bandwidth from your plan.

Uploaded Content

  • Uploaded content could be any Digital Asset, VIDIZMO Rich Media Content, LMS Rich Media Content or Video in your uploaded media library
  • Uploaded content is only viewable by Administrators and Managers

Published Content

  • Published content has to be first uploaded, or could be simultaneously uploaded and published for quick viewing
  • Published content could be VIDIZMO Rich Media Content, LMS Rich Media Content or Video, viewable to anyone with the appropriate viewing rights

Uploaded Digital Assets include:

  • Video
  • Sound
  • Images
  • Captions
  • Closed captions
  • Documents
  • Branch-able quizzes
  • Surveys

Published Digital Assets include:

  • Videos which are uploaded and published as-is
  • VIDIZMO Rich Media Content
  • LMS Rich Media Content

For a full list of supported Digital Assets, please scroll down to see ‘Supported File Formats’ on VIDIZMO’s Service Specification page.

To upload a single or multiple digital asset(s), you may click ‘Add New’ in the VIDIZMO header, and click ‘Upload Media’.

Be sure to turn-off ‘Auto-Publish’ if this content is not intended for viewing.

Storage space depends on the VIDIZMO deployment method:

  • VIDIZMO Cloud: Varies depending on you VIDIZMO Subscription Plan
  • VIDIZMO Hybrid or VIDIZMO On-Premises: Content is stored on your servers and storage in your control

Storage location depends on VIDIZMO deployment method:

  • VIDIZMO Cloud: Digital assets are stored in on Windows Azure Cloud Operating System
    • Windows Azure Cloud Operating system is used to store and serve all your content through super-fast Microsoft data centers, providing security, scalability and cost effectiveness
  • VIDIZMO Hybrid or VIDIZMO On-Premises: Digital assets may reside inside your firewall or on your preference of Cloud operating system, depending on your requirements and configuration

Yes – VIDIZMO supports multiple closed captions in any number of languages.

As an Administrator or Manager, you may attach a Closed Caption file with any video under its settings during or after uploading or publishing.

  1. Video
  2. VIDIZMO Rich Media Content
  3. LMS Rich Media Content

VIDIZMO Live Webcast allows you to schedule a live streaming webcast to broadcast on a specific date and time.

All of VIDIZMO’s deployment models (VIDIZMO Cloud, VIDIZMO Hybrid and VIDIZMO On-Premises) are available as white labeled offering.

A white label offering allows an organization to rebrand a purchased product or service to reflect their branding, color scheme and logo.

VIDIZMO Channel branding allows channel administrators to add a customized background, change background colors, add logos to brand their channel and match it with their corporate branding.

Yes – You can use your own domain name to access your VIDIZMO Channel instead of Please contact your VIDIZMO sales representative for further details.

Each Channel within VIDIMZO products can be configured independently limit access to certain users. Click here for the step-by-step guide.

Embedding rights is controlled by the Administrator or Manager and if allowed, you may find link to embed content either under.

Yes, only if the author of the content has made it available for download. Check the link to download content which can be played without an internet connection.

You may download the content, by clicking on the Download icon on the player during playback.

The Administrator or Manager holds the privilege to provide social media sharing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or E-mail. If enabled, you may share during playback using the share icons.

You can enable/disable social media capabilities from here.

VIDIZMO offers Analytics Dashboard with a comprehensive overview of Video, Viewer, Campaign and Account Usage with graphs and charts. Here is a step-by-step guide which will assist to measure content, user, or quiz success rate.

Also, VIDIZMO offers detailed analytics for:

  • Users & Groups Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Quiz Scores & Completions
  • Campaign Analytics

Yes, tracking data can be exported to different format such as PDF, XLS, TIFF, CSV and other. Every report gives you option to export data in its header.

Certificates are automatically issued to the viewers by VIDIZMO upon successful viewing completion of a VIDIZMO presentation based on passing criteria defined by the presentation author.

Successful viewing criteria may be simply viewing a presentation from end to end or may include single choice, multiple choice branch-able quizzes and polls.

Yes – You can print viewing completion certificate by following these steps.

VIDIZMO Shared (multi-tenant) hosted environment offered to you on Software As a Service is called VIDIZMO Cloud. VIDIZMO uses Microsoft Azure Cloud , with its 30+ datacenters around the world, to host its application and your content. Cloud is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.

A Cloud service has three distinct characteristics that differentiate it from traditional hosting. It is sold on demand, typically by the minute, by the hour or per user; it is elastic — a user can have as much or as little of a service as they want at any given time; and the service is fully managed by the provider (the consumer needs nothing but a personal computer and Internet access).

VIDIZMO Hybrid uses a combination of VIDIZMO Cloud, and one or more VIDIZMO Add-Ons installed on customer provided environments to meet their specific needs.

These Add-Ons integrate VIDIZMO Cloud with Business IT to provide features such as single sign-on using ADFS, SAML-P, WS-Federation.

Furthermore, it also offers features of connectivity with another line of business applications such as Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle & Blackboard, Content Management System (CMS) such as Site Core, Jive, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Lync, etc. This allows IT Dept. to maintain complete control over security and access while enjoying scalability and cost of Cloud.

VIDIZMO Products installed on customer supplied environment is referred to as VIDIZMO On-Premises. The environment may be on customers’: premises, data center, and private or public cloud.

On-Premises installations are maintained under maintenance contracts. VIDIZMO offers standard and premium maintenance contracts. Please visit for details.

VIDIZMO uses https to communicate and interact with its users for ultimate security, therefore, protecting all information exchange between user and VIDIZMO through SSL.

Access to content is protected using login and password authentication. Encryption at source and in-transit is also available. Digital Rights Management feature is also offered as optional feature.

Yes, VIDIZMO provides ability to login your corporate credentials (single sign-on or SSO) using various technologies such as Azure AD, ADFS, SAML-P , WS-Federation, & VIDIZMO’s ID Connector Software. This integration allows you to log into VIDIZMO Software using your corporate username and password.

Yes – VIDIZMO provides out of the box VIDIZMO Add-Ons to integrate with industry’s leading line of business applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, CRM, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Web Ex, Moodle, LMS, Jive and other Content Management Systems including Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Rest API support and Professional Services are also available to build a custom integration for your needs.

For a full list of features, please see VIDIZMO’s Integration section on the Features Page

VIDIZMO also provides additional service integration services; please contact us.

Yes – VIDIZMO provides API to build your own Add-Ons. Professional Services are also available to build custom solutions that integrate with your applications. Please contact your VIDIZMO sales representative for details.

  • VIDIZMO supports SCORM 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2004 3rd Edition and 2004 4th Edition Compliant Content.
  • You can export content created in VIDIZMO as an SCORM object to place in your Learning Management Solution (LMS).
  • You can also import supported SCORM content in VIDIZMO Virtual Academy & MediaLMS.
  • SCORM content can be created using Articulate and Adobe Captivate among many other tools.